Dimension Data: Beyond graduation

Skilled workforces & stronger Microsoft partnerships through Interns4Afrika

“Involvement in the Microsoft Interns4Afrika program has strengthened our relationship with Microsoft. It provides a great opportunity for us partners, and gives young people hope and opportunities that they wouldn’t get otherwise”. -Thatayothe Mohutsiwa​

Microsoft invited Thatayothe to participate in the program. Timing was perfect, as was in need for more engineers and the opportunity to be involved also meant that the company gained access to the fresh ideas and energy that the young people would bring as well as being able to provide real work opportunities for the graduates.

Thatayothe, who was the interns manager at the time, found the support from Microsoft really helpful in the onboarding process, during the internship and in following up. The interns worked hard to transition from a graduate status to fitting into the organisational culture and their new ideas and approaches, challenging the status quo have reaped benefits for the company and for their customers. Key to the success for the company and the interns is the stretch that Thatayothe offered by bringing the interns into client projects and supporting them along the way.

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