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This book leads you through SketchUp in an orderly manner. Its intent is to acquaint you with its many capabilities. Toward that goal, tools and functions are briefly described under their own headings and then used in step-by-step examples. SketchUp’s most popular functions are introduced early, to enable you to quickly do what you want to do with it. Some tools are revisited later to show more complex options. By the time you finish, you’ll have been exposed to most of the tools, one or two options for each, and some different approaches for solving modeling problems. You’ll then be pointed to a site where you can ask your increasingly complex questions. Contents Chapter 1: What Is SketchUp and How Do Interior Designers Use It? Chapter 2: Getting Started Chapter 3: Exploring the Interface Chapter 4: Modeling Furniture, Cabinetry, and Accessories Chapter 5: Drafting, Modeling, and Furnishing a Floor Plan Chapter 6: Modeling a Two-Story House Interior Chapter 7: Painting with Colors,Textures, andPhoto-Matching Chapter 8: Enhancing and Presenting the Model Chapter 9: Plugins and LayOut

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