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Texas Hold'em A game in which five playing cards form the card surface, and the player and the dealer compare the size of the card surface combination. The dealer and the player each have two cards in the hand, and there are 5 common cards. You use the two cards in your hand to match the five common cards to form a deck. 1. Royal flush: 10, J, Q, K, A combination straight flush 2. Straight Flush: Five consecutive numbers of the same suit, for example: 23456 3. Four: Taiwan commonly known as Tiezhi, four cards of the same rank + any card 4. Full house: three cards of the same rank (three) + two cards of the same rank (a pair) 5. Flush: All five cards are of the same suit 6. Straight: Five cards can form a consecutive number, for example: 12345, the suit does not have to be the same 7. Three pieces: three cards of the same rank (three pieces) 8. Two pairs: There are two pairs of pairs in the deck, such as 2,2,8,8 plus any other card 9. A pair: There is a pair in the deck plus any other unpaired three loose cards. If two people both get a pair, the size of the pair is compared first 10. Scattered cards: If there is no combination of the above, the highest card in the hands (hole cards) of the dealer and the player is also called the highest card After you have selected the betting chips first, at the beginning of the hand, you will get 2 cards. After you see the hole cards, you can start betting. You can choose to fold or call (bet). Note that if you fold at the beginning, the chips you bet will return to the dealer!! Three community cards face up are issued on the table. If you don’t fold, you can start the game. You add up the cards in your hand and the community cards to see if you can form a set of poker cards. After the three community cards are dealt, you can choose to bet or check. If you think the cards are not good and want to fight the next two cards, you choose to continue to call. You can match the next two cards. Of course, if you have a bad card, you can also check.

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