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Colonial Empire - Partition of India strategy game takes you to India of the early 19th century. The times are hard: the once powerful Mughal Empire is now in past, and the Maratha Confederacy that arose on its ruins also begins to fall apart. In the meantime, the East India Company aggressively expands its territory, imposing oppressive treaties upon some of the rulers and taking away the lands from others. The Coromandel Coast and Bengal have already been taken over, Delhi has been occupied... Who will stop the British Army and unite Hindustan in the face of the foreign enemies? You have a chance to change the course of history as we know it. Choose one of the Indian states, repel the invaders and unite the subcontinent under your command! Features: - Opportunity to play for any of the major states of India and neighbouring regions, including the Sikh Empire, both Rajput and Maratha states, Hyderabad, Nepal and Afghanistan; - 100 years of playing time - from 1805 to 1905; - Historically accurate types of Indian and Britain military units: Rajput cavalry, Sikh infantry, etc.; - A large number of real and alternative historical events.

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