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Azure Migration Program

Available to all Azure customers, scaled through specialized migration partners

Seize the untapped potential of migration services 

  • Gartner estimates that cloud migration services represents a $72.4 billion in market revenue opportunities worldwide.*
  • Customers across the globe only have 20 percent of workloads running in public clouds on average, indicating a huge opportunity for cloud market growth**
  • To help you seize this opportunity and accelerate your customers’ digital transformation, Microsoft is investing to create a flexible, cost-effective, and high confidence program to simplify and accelerate the migration journey, helping to unlock your high value services with velocity. 


* Gartner Research – 2018 Source: Market Insight: Cloud Migration Part 1—Where Are the Opportunities for Service Providers?

** Bernstein - 2019 IT Hardware: June 2019 CIO Survey - Is Spending Slowing? Perspectives on IT priorities, cloud and vendors report

Program Overview

The Azure Migration Program (AMP) offers customers prescriptive, step by step guidance from Microsoft experts and specialized migration partners, giving customers resources they need for a path to the cloud from start to finish.  AMP helps mitigate risk and addresses common issues associated with migrating workloads to the cloud. With proven cloud adoption methodologies, tools, and best practices, customers can simplify and accelerate the move to the cloud.  

To demonstrate and differentiate partners with proven ability and expertise in migration, AMP leverages specialized migration partners to support our mutual customers success.

Partners participating in AMP receive:

    • Agile funds and resources including frictionless engagement with Microsoft sellers
    • Qualified leads through program demand generation
    • New modernization, innovation and managed services opportunities

Interested in becoming a specialized migration partner ?


(Windows Server or SQL Server)