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Azure for Partners

Purpose-built for MSPs & management-at-scale

Azure Lighthouse provides more security, governance, and business opportunities for MSPs. The native and unified management portal allows MSPs to profitably and efficiently build and deliver secure managed services for every customer need.

Azure Managed Services revenue opportunity

Based on A Total Economic Impact™ Partner Opportunity Analysis conducted by Forrester in June, 2020

3-year return on investment

Managed Services margin

Gross Margin of Azure practice

Build and scale a well-architected managed services practice

Automate and scale cloud management

Enable greater visibility, security, and governance

Use a unified management solution to deliver services

Streamline cross-tenant management

Single pane of glass view with secure and fast customer onboarding.

  • View and manage customers and their delegations from a central control plane
  • Easily manage group memberships to reduce security exposure for you and your customers
  • Built-in dashboards and reports provide in-depth visibility into customer environments

Optimize operations and management

Centralized, optimized, and automated deployments and management.

  • Leverage Azure Policy to view governance and compliance reports
  • Leverage ARM & Azure DevOps (or your tool of choice) to automate deployments and governance/management capabilities
  • View and manage costs for your customers from a single-pane-of-glass view
  • View Azure Advisor recommendations and optimize their cloud environments

Strengthen authentication and reduce risk

Azure AD PIM + Azure Lighthouse

Secure and compliant by default.

  • Just-enough access with Azure Role Based Access Controls
  • Just-in-time access with Azure AD PIM
  • Azure MFA for users and groups
  • Auditability though audit and activity logs
  • Azure AD license required only on the MSP tenant
  • Customer approval only required at delegation

Build a scalable managed security practice

Azure Sentinel + Azure Lighthouse

Achieve greater visibility and respond faster with a cloud-native SIEM.

  • Collect security data at cloud scale across your hybrid environment
  • Leverage AI to detect threats and reduce alert fatigue
  • Visualize and investigate the entire attack
  • Respond rapidly with built-in orchestration and automation
  • Optimize SOC deployments and automate configurations
  • Protect your IP & gain insights across tenants

Bring Azure to any infrastructure

Azure Arc + Azure Lighthouse

Extend Azure management & enable Azure services across on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge.

  • Grow revenue by expanding Servers & Kubernetes management in hybrid environments
  • Consolidate toolsets and governance for complex environments
  • Extend Azure Lighthouse security and visibility to hybrid and multi-cloud
  • Adopt cloud practices on-premises
  • Run Azure data services anywhere

Best practice for Azure Managed Services

Azure Lighthouse allows service partners to support customer business needs without compromising security. With full transparency into every service partner action, the customer remains in control over their environment every step of the way.

Keep the customer in control with RBAC

Keep the customer informed with on-demand auditing and reporting

Keep the customer secure with just enough access, just in time

“I no longer need my team building foundational management solutions, we can now focus our energies on customer outcomes, not only improving the customer experience, but reducing our costs. Azure Lighthouse has been a game changer for our business.”

Symon Thurlow, CEO, Parallo
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“The bottom line is that Azure Lighthouse is now one of our top business drivers for the organization. Publishing and pushing out our offers on Azure Lighthouse has been a huge accelerator for us – we did more in pure cloud revenue in Q1 2020 than we did last year and that’s all thanks to being part of the Azure Lighthouse program.”

Ryan Young, CTO, Vandis
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“The combination of secure monitoring and reporting offered across the Azure management suite of services enabled us to work with unprecedented speed and accuracy, hone our consulting offerings, and build better connections with our customers. And it all started with Azure Lighthouse.”

Christian Grützner, Solution Architect, All for One
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