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Azure for Partners

Join us Monday, July 20, 2020

The Details

Azure Partners, join us for a dedicated day of workshops designed to help you build and scale managed services on Azure. Hear from leadership about the future of Azure and learn how you can leverage our cloud native management solution to reduce operational costs, generate new revenue opportunities, and expand the value of your offerings. Each session will be hosted by Microsoft Azure engineers and marketers who will be available to answer questions throughout the event.

Unplugged with Azure Leadership

Monday, July 20th at 9 AM EDT

To kick off the workshop, the Azure Leadership team will meet for an unplugged session to discuss the current and future vision of Azure for service partners and how exactly partners play a vital role in our strategy.


Partnering to Drive Customer Success Pre-, During and Post-Migration to Azure

Monday, July 20th at 10 AM EDT

We are seeing an accelerated customer interest in cloud migration during these challenging times. Join this session to learn about why customers should pick Azure, key migration scenarios, and Microsoft's investments to ensure a high-confidence, cost-optimized migration journey.


Building Scalable Managed Services on Azure

Monday, July 20th at 11 AM EDT

Azure Lighthouse helps partners build scalable and efficient managed services on Azure with central administration of customer tenants, robust delegated security and reporting features, and the ability to deploy managed service offers to the 3M customers on Azure Marketplace.


Enabling Governance for Managed Services with Azure Policy

Monday, July 20th at 12 PM EDT

Azure provides a built-in set of tools that enables you to gain visibility and control across all your Azure resources. In this workshop session, we go deep into how to apply these governance controls throughout your Azure environment using Azure Policy, and how to tailor it to your organization through Azure Management Groups, Tags, and Resource Graph. In addition, we will cover some of our future roadmap investments around Governance.


Enabling Hybrid Managed Service Capabilities with Azure Arc

Monday, July 20th at 1 PM EDT

As customers rapidly migrate business critical workloads to the cloud, they are increasingly relying on MSPs to help with their Day-1 operations. This session will showcase how MSPs can build a scalable managed services practice on Azure. Azure Lighthouse provides MSPs a platform-backed, secure and scalable single sign-on mechanism to gain granular, flexible and just-in-time-access to multiple customers’ Azure estates. Learn how you can extend delivery of managed services to any data-center using Azure ARC for servers, how you can automate deployments with ARM templates and easily manage, optimize backup, monitor, secure and govern any Azure resource from a central control plane.


Deploying Azure Managed Services at Scale using ARM Templates 

Monday, July 20th at 2 PM EDT

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Templates enables you to declaratively create Azure Infrastructure in a repeatable manner. In this workshop session, we will cover some of the new improvements around template authoring tooling, What-IF (pre-deployment impact assessment), Azure Blueprints (governed environments), Deployment Scripts, Azure DevOps integrations and get a sneak peek into some of the future roadmap investments around infrastructure as code.


Building and Scaling a Managed Security Practice on Azure Using Azure Sentinel and Azure Lighthouse

Monday, July 20th at 3 PM EDT

Simplifying security operations and saving costs are a top priority for organizations today. Microsoft Azure provides a great opportunity to offer managed security services and help your customers streamline their security operations (SOC). This session will showcase how you can develop a managed security service offering and help migrate customer SOCs with services like Azure Sentinel and Azure Lighthouse together. Learn the benefits of a cloud-native security information and event management solution (SIEM), Azure Sentinel with a scalable management across customers and tenants enabled by Azure Lighthouse.


Next Steps: Becoming an Azure Expert MSP

Monday, July 20th at 4 PM EDT

You’ve heard about the Azure Expert MSP program. Join this session to hear from global specialists on how Azure Expert MSPs are helping their customers fulfil their business objectives. We will share examples and hear about best practices that enable partners to build a successful Azure Expert MSP practice, offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of their customers’ environment


Take your Azure practice to the next level

Join us Monday, July 20th from 9 AM - 5 PM EDT