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Azure for Partners

About Sentia

Sentia is an Azure Expert MSP (AE MSP) that builds and delivers business-critical Managed Hybrid & Cloud Services in North-West Europe. As one of the first to join the elite AE MSP community, Sentia is certified as one of the most qualified Azure Managed Service Providers in the world, a testament to their capacity in providing advanced cloud expertise and management. Sentia helps clients drive business success, leveraging managed services on Azure and advising on Azure strategy and intelligent cloud demands to manage complex environments.


Overcoming complex customer management

As Sentia's business grew, keeping up with customer needs became more expensive. With growing operational complexity, backend management of customers' environments became increasingly difficult.

“Our CSP customers have multiple tenants and in order to look into each one, we use our credentials from our Active Directory, but then we have to switch to different contexts, which requires a lot of time and leads to lost productivity. And for our non-CSP customers, we either have to be invited as a guest in their directory or we have an account in their Active Directory, which requires having sub recognitions and maintaining credentials across the team.”
-- Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Without a centralized view across tenants, Sentia service engineers and cloud architects were faced with limited lifecycle management with operational inefficiencies. With limited and manual RBAC, they were constantly toggling between tabs and browsers, logging in and out of accounts and struggling to maintain context from one tenant to the next. Client management quickly became a struggle as cross-tenant automation and automated inventory with long-running scripts was resource intensive with low failure-tolerance.

Then, in early 2019, Sentia joined the private preview group for Azure Lighthouse.

“The benefits that Azure Lighthouse provides are unparalleled. This offering is a game changer for managing Azure at scale. Azure Lighthouse fits perfectly into our strategy, as it allows us to securely manage Azure resources at scale and deliver automation via programmatic options, such as Azure Resource Manager templates and APIs.”

Stanislav Zhelyazkov, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Simplified, automated governance

Sentia pivoted its CI/CD pipeline to use declarative Azure Resource Manager templates for provisioning management artifacts across all customers who are under Azure CSP licensing construct. Sentia’s managed services offer is now 90 percent based on Azure Resource Manager templates which simplifies deployments dramatically, automating monitoring, governance, and management tasks at scale, across customers.

Now, Sentia's team is empowered with centralized management that accelerates operational response times and builds better feedback loops. Operational efficiencies have improved through repeatable and automated managed services delivery with ARM templates while cross-tenant inventory is completed in minutes with Azure Resource Graph. Leveraging the Azure suite of management services gives Sentia a single, integrated, one-stop managed solution for managing their customers’ Azure and Hybrid estates at scale. With centralized monitoring, Sentia has streamlined incident management and built a more sustainable, responsive monitoring solution.

Sentia on LH

“The Azure Lighthouse team has been partnering with management teams like Azure Backup and Azure Sentinel to provide unified views - like Backup Explorer, Backup Reports and Sentinel multi-workspace incident views. This single control plane to view, monitor, govern, and manage all our customers' Azure estates really amplifies the power of the Azure management platform and tooling. While there were other third-party tools out there to help alleviate some of these needs, having a native, integrated, and unified solution in Azure - in the APIs, Portal and other client experiences - helps us more effectively deliver consistent experiences across our customer base.”
-- Joel Vest, Head of Public Cloud

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