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Grow your cloud services business with Azure

Opportunities are emerging in every stage of your customers’ digital transformation journeys.

Whether it’s migrating workloads to the cloud, helping customers gain new insights from data and analytics, or testing new scenarios with AI, IoT, and mixed reality, Microsoft Azure provides you with the platform, tools, and resources to help your customers get maximum benefit from the cloud while creating new and recurring revenue streams for your business.

Migration consulting and delivery

Migration is your customers’ first step in the digital transformation journey. By helping customers move and optimize their workloads in Azure, you can quickly show cost and scalability benefits while establishing your role for future higher-value cloud services.

“Customers are now at the point where they understand they will lose competitive ground if they do not make the jump into a cloud-operated model.”
—Alex Brown, CEO, 10th Magnitude

Managed services

Providing managed services for your cloud customers gives you an opportunity to deliver long-term value while creating a recurring revenue stream for your business.

Create managed services for your cloud customers across infrastructure, platform and app life cycle, privacy, security, compliance, DevOps, and governance.

“We started as a professional services firm, but we infused capital to build out a managed service business and have since continued to convert to recurring revenues.”
—Systems Integrator, global

Application modernization

Modernizing traditional IaaS applications to PaaS models enables your customers to gain maximum flexibility and efficiency in the cloud, using microservices, containers, and container orchestration tools.

This transition to cloud-native application development also presents an opportunity to help your customers adopt DevOps practices that will set them up for continued success in the cloud.

Cloud-native application development

Help customers architect, design, and develop transformational digital experiences—web, client, and mobile applications—using Microsoft Azure. 

  • Use the tools and technologies of your choice while implementing a microservices-based, cloud-native architecture that makes it easier to develop and scale your applications.
  • Light up new scenarios for your customers using the latest innovations from Microsoft in advanced analytics, machine learning, AI, IoT, blockchain, mixed reality, and e-commerce platforms. 
  • Develop repeatable vertical and line-of-business solutions and package them as IP to create a new recurring revenue stream.

“For every dollar of migration revenue, we get eight dollars of AI application development revenue.”
—Systems Integrator, global