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Balle Balle! Get ready for the brides Indian wedding dressup and makeover frenzy. Welcome to the grand epic Indian wedding dress up & makeover 2, the continuation of our first part. Don't you just love marriage makeup full of color and wedding dressup with glitz and glam of the most exotic culture of India? Priya has just been engaged to her college sweetheart Rahul and super excited for the grandeur of Indian tradition. Priya is already dreaming of her honeymoon and is already looking through honeymoon destinations around India. Being only a week from the engagement the preparations have started to make the bride more beautiful as her Indian wedding is about to happen, a journey to start a life together with love and harmony. This game is packed with every cultural beauty of the traditional wedding attire. Make ubtan from scratch and apply it on the bride before going to the spa, for a refreshing facial and pimple popper to have a clean face. Then take the bride for her makeup, choose from lenses and different bindi designs to make her look more cultural. Apply lipstick, eyeshadow and blush-on. Choose from spectacular dresses, saari and lehnga of bright colors so that the bride shines out from the rest. Style her hair in a very sleek way. Then apply mehndi or as known as henna on the brides hands. After getting the bride ready decorate the car with flowers of your choice. Also decorate the doli for the bride to be brought in. Lastly the time has arrived for the bride to get married at her mandap so that she can go on a wonderful honeymoon vacation with her hubby. Hurry up and get Pirya ready, she has been waiting from her engagement day for this so play this sparkly cultural game so that she can go attend her honeymoon!

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