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Amazing Pets is a game about fascinating creatures in your mobile phone. Feed, dress, play, and care for them, and they will reward you with love and devotion and triumphs at exhibitions. Key game features: - Colorful and lovely graphics - Different choices of cute Pets - Ability to feed, play and care for Pets, - Exhibition from the entry level to the European and World Championships. Become a great Champion! - Ability to play online with thousands of other players from all over the world. Take part in competitions, socialize with new friends, join clubs, build intrigue - The casket of jewels - collect rubies, sapphires, dozens of other stones and be in possession of a posh collection of jewels - Dozens of sets of clothing and hundreds of accessories, a unique system of gold cups, pet training, clubs and club competitions and much more This game is lovely, fun and at the same time extremely addictive - it's for everyone ! Virtual pet My cat or My kitty, Your favorite kitten Tamagotchi! My Puppy is a funny and amazing simulator Pets. Bring up a puppy, love it, train, and he will reward you with devotion and victories in competitions. In your turn you can indulge him with gifts from the Store: warm socks, elite food or a new house. Use this opportunity to become a real owner! My Puppy - Give your love to your virtual four-legged friend! Application for players allows you to: - play with your mobile phone and PC - put a kitten in your phone - choose a pet and give it a name - take care of your kitten - feed the cat with sausages and milk - treat it, catching fish from the aquarium in the game - take care of and meet all its needs - participate in cat exhibitions and global rankings - invite friends through social networks or by SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter (via E-mail, SMS ) - be aware of the latest news of the project Suitable for all ages. Our game will teach Your children to take care of their Pets.

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25.6.2013 г.

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1,33 МБ

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За лица над 3 години


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