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4,70 лв.
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*** WINNER OF THE YOU'VE GOT GAME COMPETITION BY MICROSOFT *** Play Chess on your phone, either against the computer or a friend of yours. You can easily resume your previous game at any time, all game data is saved automatically. You can play the full game unlimited times in the Trial version which does not expire. - Choose promotion piece when pawn reaches the other side - Undo multiple moves - Undo your moves even after the game is over, to see how the game would have progressed if you made a different move earlier - Auto save Look at some of the great reviews for yourself: ***** It is better than other Chess games I have seen on the phone ***** What can I say, I just love this game :) ***** Very well designed, I enjoy playing this game ***** This is my favorite game ever - enjoy playing it thoroughly Please provide your review/rating via the About page of the app. You can contact "WinPhoneDevs AT gmail DOT com" for any feature requests or bug reports. v1.7 ---- - Fixed a bug that caused devices using light-theme to see a black square on the home page.

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  • Auto save game
  • Undo moves
  • Resume saved game
  • Play as white or black
  • Play with friend or against the phone
  • Play as 1 player or 2 player

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Paras Wadehra

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Paras Wadehra

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5.1.2012 г.

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975,06 КБ

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За лица над 3 години


Изтеглете това приложение, докато сте влезли в своя акаунт в Microsoft, и го инсталирайте на до десет устройства с Windows 10.


Разработчикът на продукта смята, че този продукт отговаря на изискванията за достъпност, което улеснява използването му от всички.

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English (United States)

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