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Great news for animal games lovers, especially for the lovers of cat games. Meet talking Inna - your new virtual pet. If you like cats, but if you don't have the opportunity to have the real one, then this free app is the perfect thing for you. Now you can play with your virtual pet any time you want and you can take her with you anywhere you go. Inna will be so happy when you play with her, but, she will be so sad if you leave her alone. Don't let your virtual pet to be sad, take care of her, talk to your virtual cat and she will repeat everything you say with her cute voice. Bathe Inna, help her wash her hands, feed her when you see that she is hungry and take your virtual pet to the bedroom and turn off the light when you see that she is sleepy. Inna is one cute cat and, we are sure that it won't be difficult for you to take care about her. On the contrary, it will be a real pleasure for you to play with your new virtual friend. So, if you really like talking cat games, then My Talking Cat Inna is right for you. My Talking Cat Inna app is a perfect combination of animal games and dress up games and it is great for all the people who adore pets. Inna wants to be pretty and trendy all the time, she likes to change clothes all the time and she will be bored with always the same clothes. So, buy her some new clothes and she will be satisfied. Also, she will be very bored with always the same furniture in her wonderful house and terrace, so, earn some coins and buy her new furniture.You must be wondering how to earn coins for all those things. It's very easy. We have prepared for you fantastic mini games like Circle, Tic Tac Toe and Clocks and more. Play mini games, earn some coins and surprise your virtual pet. And a wonderful collection of clothes and furniture we have prepared for Inna, you will see. Talking cat, also, has a special Halloween room. All these wonderful things you can have with just one free app. The great virtual pet game is here. Are you ready for adventure? If you are searching for some cool game for your kids then we can tell you that you are at the right place. My Talking Cat Inna is an ideal game for kids. We have made this free virtual pet app for both boys and girls and we hope that it will become one of the most interesting games for girls, but, also we hope that My Talking Cat Inna will become one of the most popular games for boys. And, also adults who like cats will be fascinated with this talking cat. A cool game is ready. So don't wait any longer, download My Talking Cat Inna now and start playing with your new virtual cat! Start fantastic adventure with talking Inna – your new virtual pet. She is waiting for you!

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  • play with Inna and see what she will do
  • pet her and she will be happy
  • feed Inna when you see that she is hungry
  • bathe your virtual pet
  • take you virtual pet to the bathroom
  • when you see that she is tired take her to the bed and turn off the light
  • play mini games in order to earn coins
  • talk to Inna and she will repeat everything you say

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20.11.2017 г.

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364,23 МБ

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