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In this new hilarious, action-packed defense shooter, zombie leader Dr.Cultz has released the Z-toxin and polluted the town, and now almost everyone in contact were infected. But hope remains, because the commander-in-chief for the first time happens to be around and taking the leading offensive in an all-out attack to protect the turf. You command a platoon of elite and brave soldiers. Each soldier is equipped with different skill and weapons, that forms a powerful team that any enemy will fear. Your primary mission is to protect the commander-in-chief from the increasing horde of zombies, while Dr.Max, our leading CDC scientists busy finding a vaccine for this plague. Every soldier counts, and watch-out for the casualties counters. Use your gold, gem wisely to upgrade your soldier's skills to face-off with Dr.Cultz !!! Play as human against the AI game modes. There are more then 40 challenging levels waiting for you to unlock ! Game Features: – Up to eight different types of soldiers. – Up to nine types of zombies. – Multiple upgrade systems (health, damage, range, critical…) – Multiple quests to earn generous amount gold and gem. – More gem and gold for each level successfully completed. – Library system, provide a catalog of zombie’s details. - Profession sound and background music - Settings for Sound and Background music In addition, for this Premium Paid Package you get : - 9,999 Gems worth $9.99 US. - 999 Stars worth $0.99 US. - NO irritating advertisement pop-up. - NO In-App-Purchase pop-up. - NO promotions or review pop-up. - NO game-play and user statistics collected. Lastly, don't hesitate to contact us via the email or Facebook chat ( links provided), if you have any queries, suggestions or questions regarding the game. thanks u folks! PLEASE REVIEW ALL THE TRAILERS AND ACTUAL GAMEPLAY VIDEOS BEFORE PURCHASE, DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU ARE NOT COMFORTABLE OR UNSURE ABOUT THE MINIMUM HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS. ( See YouTube Link below ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCauelqVb0VfTnLJhwDrtnJg THE GAME HAS UNDERGONE AND PASSED RIGOROUS XBOX APP CERTIFICATION VERIFICATIONS. IF YOU ENCOUNTERED TECHNICAL ISSUES, DO DROP SUPPORT AN EMAIL, AND WE WILL TRY TO HELP. FYI, PRICE INCREASE AFTER BETA...

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V1.1.1 - closed beta release. V1.1.2 - public beta release. V1.1.3 - open beta release. V1.1.4 - Update art assets and resolutions. Add review, logo.


  • XBOX Live
  • XBOX Cloud Save

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Max Interactive Studio

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Copyright © 2018 by Max Interactive Studio, All Rights Reserved.

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Max Interactive Studio

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16.8.2018 г.

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1,76 ГБ

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За лица над 3 години

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English (United States)

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