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Superslug must fight for his life against an invasion of ferocious chickens ! Show you have guts and slug it out with the merciless chickens which keep coming in larger numbers. Be warned, there is no escape ! Give your slug a boost with superpowers, and try to hang in there as long as possible. With each successful jump over the vicious chickens, a fresh new tree is planted on the planet. Between you and your friends, who will survive the longest ? **HOW IT WORKS** There are 2 possible plays : 1) Tap on the screen to make Superslug jump over the chickens, and earn a point for each successful jump 2) Tap on the chickens to make them disappear and help Superslug contain the invasion, but you will not earn any point The level of difficulty increases as you make progress: - Want to have fun ? Superslug is for you ! Play it anywhere anytime. The game does not require an internet connection. It is fast and easy to learn and get used to. - You like challenges ? Show your friends who's the best ! Connect to Facebook in a few clicks and compare your scores with your friends' ***DOWNLOAD SUPERSLUG NOW FOR FREE***

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New backgrounds and bugfixes : thank you for your feedbacks !

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Издадено от

Infinite Square

Разработено от

Infinite Square

Дата на издаване

17.4.2015 г.

Приблизителен размер

26,99 МБ

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За лица над 3 години




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English (United States)
Français (France)

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