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Test your skills against competitors around the world in a fun and challenging game of strategy. Warships puts you in the commander’s seat. Direct and manage your naval fleet with intuitive touch-driven gameplay. Launch and witness countless naval strikes against your opponents. Improve your rank and unlock achievements by battling against complex AI, or against human opponents from all over the world! The rules are very simple. Sink your opponent’s ships before they sink yours! GAME MODES: * Classic: Each opponent takes a turn dropping a bomb. * Multi-Shot: Each opponent drops multiple bombs per turn. The number dropped is based on the remaining ships afloat you have. * Modern: Take turns firing powerful super weapons, new weapons are unlockable through achievements. * Big Map: Same mechanics as Modern, however the game board is larger and there is an island on the map that acts as a decoy. * Hostage: Sink opponent's ships, but don't sink the captured civilian ship. FEATURES: * Play against players of various skill levels around the world (using 3G, 4G, or WIFI). * In game chat support. * Smart match making against opponents with similar ratings to keep you challenged. * Live leaderboard, compete for the top score and represent your country! * Play with friends. Add friends by name, email, or during a game. You can check online status of friends, invite them to private games and see how you rank against your friends. * Challenge the smart artificial intelligence with various difficulties from very easy to impossible (truly)! * Unleash powerful super weapons against your enemies by unlocking achievements. * Clean and vibrant user interface. * Fun sound effects and music that bring the game to life. We’d love to hear your feedback, check the About page for contact details.

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2.11.2012 г.

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9,62 МБ

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English (United States)

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