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Common Sense Computing For The Future

BizSpark Online, 7/2/2015 12:00 AM
"Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is simMachines from St. Louis, Missouri, USA There are plenty of predictive analytics companies out there but simMachines isn’t your run-of-the-mill company. Instead of just giving people predictions, this BizSpark...
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Special Offer - 2nd International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps

esthermosad, 6/28/2015 6:28 PM
"The organisers of the International Conference on Predictive APIs and Apps are giving away 2 free tickets to BizSpark members and also some discounted tickets! Simply fill out the form and 2 winners will be randomly selected on the 1st of July. All...
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Mobile Medication Management Startup Connects Families Using OSS on Azure

BizSpark Online, 6/19/2015 7:00 AM
"Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is MediSafe from Boston, Massachusetts, USA Forget to take your medications sometimes? You’re not alone. When Omri Shor’s father forgot, it turned into a serious emergency situation. Shor was shaken but was...
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Pass Through Wormhole To Online Learning

BizSpark Online, 6/19/2015 7:00 AM
"Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is Wormhole from Buenos Aires, Argentina Education is a social interaction, whether online or in person, says Sally Buberman, CEO and co-founder of Wormhole. That basic concept led to the creation of the first ‘Live...
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Microsoft BizSpark Plus is now providing Startups with $120,000/Year of Free Azure Cloud Credits

esthermosad, 6/15/2015 4:06 PM
"I'm so excited to let you all know that this morning, Steven Guggenheimer, CVP Developer Experience & Evangelism, unveiled our new BizSpark Plus offer. If you're enrolled in an approved BizSpark Network Partner you now have access to $120,000 of free...
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Meet strategik - the Office 365 experts

esthermosad, 6/14/2015 8:20 PM
"Guest post by Dr Adrian Colquhoun, Founder strategik WHY ARE YOU BUILDING THIS STARTUP? WHAT DOES IT DO? Strategik are passionate about building information management solutions for the enterprise. We have two streams to our business, an Office 365...
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Telstra launches their new public SMS API

esthermosad, 6/3/2015 11:35 PM
"Hey everyone, Earlier this week our friends at Telstra released their new public SMS API to ALL developers! You can register at the API Developer portal. Please use the event code 'BIZSPARK' when registering. You can find more info on the program and...
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May 2015 saw the first fall of the year in advertised tech jobs, according to latest Gooroo stats.

esthermosad, 6/3/2015 11:18 PM
"Guest post by Jaquelyn Muller, Content & PR Director, Gooroo.io Melbourne (Australia) 4 June, 2015 – Tech career marketplace, Gooroo, has released its May tech career & salary trend data. The number of Australian tech jobs advertised dropped from a...
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Meet Disrupt - "Customizing the world's sports gear"

esthermosad, 5/24/2015 9:38 PM
"Guest post by Gary Elphick, CEO Disrupt Surfing1. Why are you building this startup? What does it do?  Disrupt began with the founding idea that sporting goods are constructed with a cookie-cutter ‘average’ user in mind. This common view assumes that...
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When is it time to Register a Company?

esthermosad, 5/19/2015 6:57 PM
"Guest post by Tom Willis, Digital Marketing Manager, LawPath Most Australian businesses don’t realise the impact legal structure has on their business. The majority of us will start our entrepreneurial journey with an ABN (Australian Business...
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IT salaries are in decline. Software development and infrastructure skills the least impacted.

esthermosad, 5/7/2015 10:06 PM
"Guest post by Jaquelyn Muller, Content & PR Director, Gooroo.io Melbourne (Australia) 8 May, 2015 – Tech career marketplace, Gooroo, has released its April tech career & salary trend data. This past month shows that the average tech salary in...
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20% more profit in the next 60 days

esthermosad, 5/7/2015 6:13 PM
"Guest post by: Peter Gjersoe Coach & Founder, Dominate Selling It's now early May. Where do you think you will be by the end of June?  By the end of December? My name is Peter Gjersoe. I am a fellow small business owner with 34 years experience in...
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Microsoft Azure Cloud Dev Camp - Sydney

esthermosad, 5/5/2015 11:38 PM
"Microsoft Cloud Dev Camp Please join us for a special Microsoft Cloud Dev Camp event. Microsoft Cloud Dev Camps are free and fun events for developers, by developers. This special Cloud Dev Camp will be presented by Paul Usher from DevExpress. You do...
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Reflect Growth, an EdTech startup that’s going to empower teachers to raise teaching quality

esthermosad, 5/5/2015 8:44 PM
"Guest post by Matt Woodward, Co-Founder, Reflect Growth Even those who work outside of education have seen the recent media coverage over the government’s concerns about teaching quality.  Although you may not fully understand it, everyone in the...
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Innovation in Structural Analysis Using Linux, Azure and a Bit of Imagination

BizSpark Online, 5/5/2015 7:00 AM
"Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is Strains from France Everyone has those ‘aha’ moments where an important, life-changing realization is reached. For the  Strains’ team, that moment came when they realized that civil engineers needed simple...
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You're invited to the Microsoft Build Tour - SYDNEY

esthermosad, 4/28/2015 7:02 PM
"On Monday, June 1, 2015, Build Tour Sydney brings the Build experience to you to gain in-depth, usable knowledge about Windows 10 and much more. Immerse yourself in coding sessions and new demos. Get face-to-face time with Microsoft Technical Experts...
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The Story Behind STQRY

BizSpark Online, 4/21/2015 9:00 AM
"Today’s Featured BizSpark Startup is STQRY from Seattle, WA. Travelers typically turn to guide books or audio guides to help them learn about the places they go and things they see. But STQRY (pronounced ‘story’) Founder Chris Smith believed he...
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If You Build It, Will They Come?

esthermosad, 4/16/2015 5:19 PM
"Guest post by: Peter Gjersoe Coach & Founder, Dominate Selling Are you looking for an effective way to develop products? Have you been burned by the traditional product development process before? If you answered yes to either question this article...
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AngelHack Sydney 2015 - May 2nd & May 3rd

esthermosad, 4/9/2015 10:50 PM
"Are you ready for a weekend of hacking, food and free massages (yep, free massages)? AngelHack is coming to Sydney with its AH8 Global Hackathon Series! Developers, designers and business minds will join forces, team up and build great things in 24...
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The average tech salary in Australia fell by 6% between January and March 2015.

esthermosad, 4/9/2015 6:25 PM
"Guest post by Jaquelyn Muller, Content & PR Director, Gooroo.io Tech career marketplace, Gooroo, has released it’s tech career and salary trends for Q1 2015. These trends have indicated that 2015 so far has not followed the rising salaries seen...
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UnityVS is free for all Visual Studio devs using Unity!

BizSpark, 7/31/2014 2:18 AM
"It works for VS 2010, '12, and '14. If you currently do not have Visual Studio, feel free to contact me, and I can set your startup up with BizSpark for free.
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13 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Piece Of Advice

BizSpark, 7/31/2014 2:10 AM
"Mathrubootham started Freshdesk, a cloud-based customer support platform, in 2010 and won the Microsoft BizSpark Startup Challenge. Today, Freshdesk has 200 employees and supplies services to over 20,000 businesses and organizations. As a passionate...
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Taylor Soper, 7/30/2014 10:45 AM
"Kyle Kesterson
Freak’n Genius is moving south. The Seattle animation startup is re-locating...
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Roxanne Varza - Shaking Up Women in Tech in Europe

BizSpark, 7/29/2014 12:22 AM
"Roxanne Varza is currently the startup lead for Microsoft in France, running both BizSpark and Microsoft Ventures programs. Prior to joining Microsoft she was the Editor of TechCrunch France and also ran content and communications for 2 European...
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Hitting the Right Notes at The Pitch

SuperUser Account, 5/5/2014 6:19 PM
"Last Wednesday, twelve startups from the second Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London took part in a Demo Day, called The Pitch. The Pitch didn’t just give our startups the opportunity to impress the panel, they pitched to a standing room only...
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