BlueHat Main Stage

BlueHat presents our first on-demand content, turning the Spotlight on what is top of mind in security research. Check out our most recent offering the MSRC Experts Forum with Terry Zhang, powered by BlueHat!

  • MSRC Expert Forum with Multi-MVR Terry Zhang

    Hear from Multi-MSRC MVR Terry Zhang (@pnig0s) as we discuss his approach to security research with an inside look at recent Microsoft Dynamics cases, followed by Q&A.

  • Expert Forum with Troy Hunt

    Tune in for an exclusive sit-down with Have I Been Pwned founder and Microsoft MVP Troy Hunt! Troy is joined by Maria Puertas Calvo from Microsoft Identity Security and the host Nic Fillingham! Check it out today.

  • Azure SSRF Expert Forum

    Catch Microsoft experts Michael Hendrickx and Madeline Eckert as they explore Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)! Tune in as they discuss why this is a focus area for Microsoft.

  • MSRC Security Researcher Panel

    MSRC's VP Aanchal Gupta, Jarek Stanley and Vishal Chauhan welcomed security researchers Dr. Nestori Syynimaa, Boris Larin and Nate Warfield to the virtual stage for our first ever, MSRC Security Researcher Panel, powered by BlueHat. View the recording today!

  • Spotlight: Evolving Red Teaming at Microsoft

    View BlueHat’s latest Nonference Spotlight – Evolving Red Teaming at Microsoft! Alex and Reid from Microsoft's SerPent Red Team share how the company has evolved from red teaming to broader offensive security practices and techniques.

  • Spotlight: When Nation States Attack

    Join Aanchal Gupta for an inside look at the recent Nation State attack which greatly impacted software supply chains worldwide - including our own. Hear how the attack unfolded and take away recommendations to protect & defend against similar future attacks.

  • Spotlight: Rust, A “Game Changer”

    Catch BlueHat’s Nonference Spotlight – Rust: A Systems Software Game Changer! Discover the issues of memory management and how the Rust programming language is addressing them from Microsoft’s own Izzy Whistlecroft!

BlueHat BackStage Blog

BlueHat BackStage offers in-depth examinations of vulnerability research; giving you a peak behind closed doors. The first BackStage Blog on Adversarial Emulation is now available!