DLC 2 - Legacy of the Ancients
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Legacy of the Ancients delves into the secrets of the Antediluvian Civilization that predated modern humans on Earth. Explore ancient ruins for precursor knowledge, and use it to unlock a whole new line of Phoenix Point weapons and technologies. But beware: the Ancients left powerful guardians to watch over their secrets; you won't be the only one seeking to control this ancient knowledge. New rivals will rise up as the legacy of the ancients is revealed to humanity. Legacy of the Ancients Includes: * NEW Story Missions and Cinematics * NEW Procedural Missions and Mission Types * NEW Enemies and Pandoran Evolutions * NEW Maps, Biomes, and Environments * NEW Points of Interest and Means of Exploration * NEW Resources and Ways of Obtaining Them * NEW Research and Technologies * NEW Weapons and Equipment


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  • Tactical Gameplay, Turn-Based Strategy, First-Person Mode, RPG Elements, Rogue-lite Procedural Generation

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