The Riddle of Steel
The Riddle of Steel
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Remember the epic 80’s movie Conan the Barbarian? Now you can get your hands on several unique items from the movie along with many statues and figurines of its iconic characters. Place statues of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan the Barbarian in your castle and sit upon the magnificent Lion Throne from the movie! Equip yourself with Conan’s helmet and put on warpaint just like the heroes from the movie. The Riddle of Steel is not part of the four core DLCs of 2019. As such it is not included in the Year 2 Season Pass. The Riddle of Steel contains: • 18 Statues and figurines of Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan - Three poses of the statues and small figurines in three different materials each • 5 iconic helmets from the movie, of characters such as Thulsa Doom and Rexor - Same power as iron tier with an epic end-game version of each • 5 unique placeables from the movie, such as the Atlantean Throne - Craft King Conan’s Lion Throne or Setite Cult statues • 6 statues and figurines of Valeria from the movie Conan the Barbarian - Both the statues and figurines come in three different materials • 6 statues and figurines of Subotai the Hyrkanian archer - Both the statues and figurines come in three different materials • 3 decorative warpaints from the movie - Paint yourself like Conan, Valeria and Subotai before their attack on the Setities All content from The Riddle of Steel is exclusive to this DLC and adds many new visual options but does not give any in-game advantage in power. All new items have comparable stats to existing items.


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