Zubair Alexander

My name is Zubair Alexander. I am a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I work as a network engineer for a small training consulting business in Seattle, WA. Although the economy has affected a lot of businesses lately, frankly we are fortunate enough that we have not been impacted in a negative way. In fact 2009 has so far been the best year in our company's history. In our training industry the budget cuts and economic downturn, especially in California and Washington State, had a significant impact on most training companies who do business with the state agencies. At my company we have made up for the shortage by engaging in some of the newer markets and technologies, such as Office Sharepoint Server 2007 and Windows Sharepoint Services.

As a business we have to make some adjustments to keep up with the changes in the industry especially during these hard financial times. As an individual I have been focusing on keeping up my skill set and networking with other professionals in the high tech industry. Among other things, I'm involved with some User Groups that have opened up some new doors for me. As a Microsoft MVP I have the opportunity to interact with many product groups and program managers at Microsoft. This gives me an awesome opportunity to stay connected with both people and technology at the highest level. I'm also staying current with my certifications, which happens to be an essential part of our business strategy as well because we require all of our trainers to be Microsoft certified in their area of expertise. In order to stay ahead of the curve, I am also involved in beta testing of several new products, including Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. I try to get involved in Beta testing in as many Microsoft products as I can. This not only helps me with our training and consulting business, it also gives me an opportunity to author articles and whitepapers on these new technologies, which is another source of personal income for me. As an IT Professional I'm always interested in Technical resources. I not only share them with readers on my blog, I also like to share them with my students when I'm teaching Microsoft courses.

I first heard of Microsoft Thrive program from my MVP lead. There are several cool resources on Thrive website that IT Pros can benefit from ranging from career guidance to special offers. But I have to say the one that I find most useful and highly recommend to others is virtualization, which is located under the tech competency area. I've always been a big proponent of virtualization, especially because of the cost savings and the flexibility it offers. So to see some visual content on the Thrive website in the form of videos podcasts whitepapers etc, I think is just great. I especially like the fact that the virtualization videos are relatively short and to the point. Just long enough to give you the pertinent information. And by the way these videos are a good teaching aide for MCTs.


Zubair is a Microsoft MVP and the founder of SeattlePro Enterprises (, an IT training and consulting business. He holds more than 20 technical certifications. His experience covers a wide range of spectrum: trainer, consultant, systems administrator, security architect, network engineer, author, technical editor, college instructor and public speaker. Zubair has written extensively on Microsoft products for several years. His specialties include Active Directory, network security, SharePoint, IIS, and virtualization. Zubair is known worldwide for his articles on Microsoft technologies, written as a contributing editor and online columnist for Windows IT Pro Magazine and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) magazine. He speaks publicly at technical seminars and conferences. He's active in the IT community with his blog (, User Group ( & his Web site (