This API is currently in "preview" mode, but please don't let that change your mind. While we have many developers using them all over the world, we are still doing some additional building and testing until we feel really comfortable that they are just right for general consumption. Go ahead, grab a key and try them.

Academic Knowledge API


Tap into the wealth of academic content in the Microsoft Academic Graph using the Academic Knowledge API.


Interprets a natural language user query string. Returns annotated interpretations to enable rich search-box auto-completion experiences that anticipate what the user is typing.


Evaluates a query expression and returns Academic Knowledge entity results.


Calculates a histogram of the distribution of attribute values for the academic entities returned by a query expression, such as the distribution of citations by year for a given author.


Calculates the academic cosine similarity between 2 text inputs. Assesses the similarity of not only words but concepts of the related texts.

Graph Search

Searches for a given graph pattern and returns the matched entity results. Graph patterns can be specified by JSON objects or lambda expressions.

Pricing options

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