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Best Battery App! Battery Super Saver is a totally FREE battery saving app that makes your smartphone battery last much longer, and help you get up to 62% more battery life on your Windows Phone or Android phone [coming soon]! With Battery Saver's smart optimization features you may fix battery problems and extend your battery life. Why Battery Super Saver is a MUST-HAVE app? Because battery super saver is perfect battery booster and optimization battery fife app with amazing original features: Battery time left information Battery last charging information Battery consumption data The number of Battery recharges Time remaining to batttery full charge Battery charge start Battery charge speed Our Battery Saver is the most efficient and easiest way to keep your Android or Windows Phone smartphone working smoothly when you need it, and protect against poor charging quality, battery hogging apps, or overlooked device or apps settings that shorten your smartphone battery life. Over 1 million users around the world uses Battery Super Saver every day, finding it externally useful. Battery Super Saver FAQ: Q:How does Battery Super Saver increase battery life? A:Your Lumia or Android phone has a lot of different technology inside it. Some of are hardware components (like the display and his brightness, the cellular antennas, WiFi antennas, Bluetooth networking chips, and sensors), some of them are software processes (like localization, notifications, updates, email boxes sync, live tiles etc.). All of these features use power, but they're not always needed, or don't need to be used as often as they are. Battery Super Saver manages those features in a proactive way so you're only using the power you really need. Q:Why my Live Tile is not updating every minute? A: This is Windows Mobile limitation, you are not able to update it every second or minute as this is energy consuming, which you would agree don’t make too much sense as a feature of Battery Saver app. Live tile updates every 30 minutes. (You may always refer that you have live tiles with clocks with updates every minute but they are not good for your battery life). Q:Why do you need to collect date about my location in your Battery Saver? A:We are operating in more than 160 countries around the world so we need to collect location to display in app ads in local languages. What would be annoying to see ads in French if you live in Brazil don’t you think. And we need ads to finance our work, updates and localization to new languages. You may also remove the ads for 0.99$ which is the lowest possible price and then we don’t collect any data in our Battery Saver.

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Best Designed Software


Best Designed Software

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