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Now you can have your blood pressure under control everywhere. The fast and simple recording is easy and a real pleasure. Your doctor will be amazed by the chart, which will help him with his diagnosis. Top Features: * Easy recording * Helpful charts and statistics * Detailed PDF report for your doctor. To email or print. * Multi device usage with synchronization * Manage your medicamentation. * Optionaly more datas of viability (weight, blood sugar, body temperature, in/output) * Extras: BMI and Salt Calculator, Blood Pressure Analysis Security: * Anonymous or pseudonymous usage * No disclosure of data to third parties or other usage * HealthOn code of conduct for trustfully health information in apps (V4.25) * Expert view: * Recommended by the german association for kidney patients * Recommended by licensed doctors on HealthTap * Gesundheit konkret: smart assistant - app-solute useful * Editorial tip by freeware.de * Top 5 medical App at appstar.tv * Recommendation from the panel of experts at NummerSicher * Awarded from Gutscheinrausch.de The app stores systolic and diastolic blood pressure together with with your pulse at a given time. It is also possible to add comments and choose if the record is to be excluded from the statistics. For example, you can record your blood pressure directly after a physical workout along with a comment and the values will be ignored for statistical purposes. Together with the german association for kidney patients we have added more datas of viability (weight, blood sugar (glycose), body temperature, in/output). You can store comments without other data to handle the comment as "event". With this function you can store medical consultation or meds change and see it in the chart. You can store your meds together with the stock. Then the app tells you how long they will last. The chart can be made for a selectable time range. With the click of a button you can get a detailed pdf with the chart and more info. Use with or without registration is also possible. You can make a one-time, free registration; no private data needs to be entered. With your login you can also use the browser based version at http://www.BloodPressureDB.com/ The browser version also allows you to import values stored in a spreadsheet. The app needs a internet connection for some features. Offline usage is also possible, but requires a one time login. The app supports multi user login and quick switch between the users. Attention: This app is for storing your blood pressure values. It can't messure it.

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