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Welcome to the age of war, where two kingdoms are clashing between to achieve the dominance over each other! Which side are you on? Choose the Red or Blue side and lead your army to the ultimate victory over the opponent! Unconditional surrender of the enemy – that is your main goal, commander! Show your great commanding skills and destroy the fortress of the enemy! Get ready to enter the magical world of noble knights, chivalry, magic and epic adventures! Fortress Siege will blow your mind with its content! Play against your friend on the same device or take the challenge of completing the game in campaign mode against AI. How to play: there are two rivaling sides: RED and BLUE. You have to buy units in order to fight your way to enemy fortress and destroy it. Each unit has its own attributes, capabilities and price. Spend gold you constantly get on buying warriors, which are of different types. Each of your soldiers ranks up after killing several enemies, it will upgrade his attributes. You also have two additional special attacks like magic lightning and archers’ attack. Fortress Siege features: - Awesome strategic game with medieval atmosphere - Single device multiplayer – compete with your friends! - Various combinations of objects on location - Intuitive gameplay – pick up and do the battle! - Campaign mode to outsmart computer opponent! - Funny and bright cartoon style setting! Fight your way through the beautiful fields, learn the tactics of your enemy and show who is the best general! Lead your army through the rivers, bridges, swamps and fosses!

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