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Cool Barcode Scanner App (free+ pro) The app scans a barcode and performs a barcode lookup online. You can also save barcodes in the Wallet to retrieve later. There are many predefined search options, but you can also create up to 3 custom bar code URLs for your own search. For a books search in online libraries and bookstores enable ISBN lookup. You can use the phone for barcode inventory. To scan many bar-codes without instant search just activate a batch scan in the app settings. Barcode office app feature allows saving your barcodes to Excel sheets. Click on the Excel button in the top left of the barcode history list. More Cool Barcode Scanner features: -- render stored barcodes for tickets or Loyalty Cards on your smartphone -- create beautiful pictures for scanned items -- start the app from barcode camera lens -- save your barcodes to the Wallet app, may be useful for Loyalty cards or coupons with 1-D barcodes -- enable geotags and see on the map, where the code was scanned -- pin your loyalty cards to the start screen -- ultra fast barcode inventory with a batch scan -- launch the app directly from the Wallet For advanced users there are extra barcode settings. You can tune auto-focus and camera resolution and aspect ratio. Camera settings affect both your scanner performance and pictures. Lower resolution saves battery, higher resolution allows scan of difficult, small or narrow barcodes or in poor light conditions and allows better image quality. Additionally you can control history limit. Once the limit is reached, the app will start deleting older barcodes, so you don't run out of space. If you don't want history, push the limit to one barcode. If you need to do barcode inventory, push the limit to maximum. Available decoders: ISBN, UPC, EAN-8-13, Code 39, PZN, Code 128, ITF25. In-app upgrade to barcode pro: -- removes ads -- allows geotags -- allows barcode history and Excel sheets with up to 1000 barcodes -- allows to select only desired bar-code types There are more good stuff, go ahead and discover features that work for you. Thank you for reading by the way.

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