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★★★★★ - "GREAT app! Works as advertised." ★★★★★ - "Best and Easiest Duplicate Finder." ★★★★★ - "The best disk cleaning software you can find." Get Your Gigabytes Back! Our Latest Disk Tool Is Our Best. Reclaim lost disk space by removing unnecessary files with Disko Ultimate - from the Disk Experts at Disko. Disko Ultimate is the must-have tool for those who love downloading, or are constantly running out of disk space. It can track as many folders as you'd like, and will auto-scan your favorites as soon as the app starts. Disk space hogs are identified automatically while the app scans in the background. Trim disk space yourself for free, or unlock automatic disk cleaning functionality with the optional in-app purchase. Disko Ultimate is FAST. In real tests, Disko Ultimate is actually faster at scanning your disk than a similar non-store app thanks to the deep integration with Windows 10 and UWP. It combines our disk scanning and duplicate file cleaning engines into a simple, yet very powerful, app. With a single click you can install our Start menu Tile which will monitor your free disk space and alert you when you're running low. Our summary screen tells you at a glance how much space you have left and who the biggest disk hogs are. Duplicates are identified with great accuracy; images and photos are previewed so that you can make an informed choice of which files to delete. View image dimensions, song bitrate, video duration and many other file properties to help you identify which files go and which stay. Large files are also called out in their own section, so that you can remove any downloads or long-forgotten archives. And of course, you can dig into all the files we've scanned, sorted by size. Open any folder in Explorer with a single tap. All removed files are sent to the Recycle Bin when enabled for an added peace of mind. Disko Ultimate is made exclusively for the Windows Store. It's brought to you by the same team behind the popular Disko File Scanner and Disko Duplicate Cleaner, the five-star rated disk utility featured across the web. All our apps are backed by our team of professional technical support experts in case you get stuck.

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