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File Management: The easiest way to save and read files for Unity. Are you trying to build your project for a new platform and your actual code is not saving files correctly? Do you have compatibility issues between plug-ins? Are you using some plug-ins that has known problems on store approvals? Are your “save” solutions hard to manage and configure? So this is for you, the File Management asset uses only two files to let you read and write files on almost every platform supported by Unity engine. File Management doesn’t make use of plug-ins, neither specific compilation requirements or configurations, just import, code, and deploy. FileManagement is designed to simplify the developer’s life, no need to read extensive and complex documentation. If you are using PlayerPref already, so you know how to use FileManagement, then you may implement the extended functionality. Advantages: - Full source code available. - PlayerPrefs are not used at all, this is the perfect replacement (even WebGL). - Just rename PlayerPrefs with FileManagement in your actual code and you are done. - No plug-ins needed: ensures stability for your other plug-ins, completely avoids conflicts and ensures on-line store approval. - Just switch platform and deploy, no further configurations needed at all. - Unified API (no specific interfaces), compatible with mobile, standalone and web platforms. - Uses StreamingAssets as default folder, this content can be overridden by new saved files automatically. - WebGL: No server-side code needed, FileManagement accesses the StreamingAssets fodler (StreamingAssets is read-only on all platforms). - Fast and lightweight. Much faster than PlayerPrefs, XML & JSON structures. - Every save call actually writes to disk, no need of PlayerPrefs.Save() functionality, there is no risk of data loss. - Use built in encryption, or call your own function. - Save and read almost any C# type, through useful unified interfaces. - Save and read encrypted binary data easily. - Full documentation and easy to understand examples. - You can use your own serialization solution and save with FileManagement. Supported platforms are: - Windows: x86 & x86_x64. - Mac OS X: x86, x86_x64 & Universal. - Linux: x86, x86_x64 & Universal. - IOS: Mono2x & IL2CPP. - Android. - Windows Store: 8.1, Phone 8.1, Universal 8.1 & Univarsal 10 (.NET, IL2CPP, XAML & D3D). - WebGL. If you need any extra information or functionality please don’t hesitate on contacting me: jmonsuarez@gmail.com

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