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Office Yoga - Fitness at Work Welcome to the world of healthy lifestyle skills at workplace. Sedentary lifestyle such as sitting on the chair at your workstation for long work hours is very harmful to your body. It reduces blood flow, raises blood sugar and reduces good cholesterol thereby making you very prone to a variety of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many more. Office Yoga app can help you in maintaining good health and preventing lifestyle diseases via a few quick stretching exercises and yoga poses that you can easily perform while at your workplace. This app can be your personal fitness trainer at your workplace. *** Special Features: ****************** * Supported Languages Arabic, 中国, Nederlands, English, français, Deutsch, Ελληνική, Hebrew, Indonesia, Italiano, 日本の, 한국어, Polskie, português, русский, Español, Swdeish, ไทย, Український * YOGA and EXERCISE SCIENCE: Suggested workouts combine the elements and benefits of traditional yoga and modern exercise science. * ROUTINES FOR DAILY WORKOUT: Daily yoga and exercise program tailored for all age groups. Routine includes yoga poses and exercise suggested by experienced yoga instructors and target full-body workout. * PRACTICE SESSION: All of the yoga poses and exercises are detailed with HD videos, "How to do?" instructions and information on benefits and precautions. * MY ROUTINE: Design your own daily fitness routine. Also you can add yoga and exercise of your choice to your favorite list. * BMI and WEIGHT TRACKING: Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and track your weight for weight management. * Reminder for your daily routine. *** Key features ************* * DAILY WORKOUT Full-body routine workout to prevent lifestyle diseases and relieve discomforts resulting from sedentary lifestyle. * STRETCHING EXERCISES Stretching exercises and poses to relax your muscles and de-stress you at your workplace. * STRENGTHENING WORKOUT Specific poses to develop strength in your body at your work place without any additional equipment. * WORKOUT CATEGORIZATION BY BODY AREA The various exercises and yoga poses are categorized by different areas of the body, so you can easily determine what is best for improving the weak areas of your body. * BACK EXERCISE Simple exercises to prevent back injuries and fatigue caused by prolonged hours of sitting. * LOWER BODY Exercises for strengthening your legs and keep up the muscle tone. * WRIST & ARM Specific Yoga exercises for wrist and arm, specially useful for IT professionals. * STANDING YOGA Yoga workouts that you can perform while standing. * RELAXATION Techniques for staying relaxed at your workspace.. Precautions: Do not over perform any of the poses or exercises and always listen to your body. If you have any physical ailment please consult your doctor or health care professional before attempting any of these suggested exercises. * Note: Free version has limited content unlocked for a limited period time. Buy full version to get permanent access to all of the content of application. If you like this app, please compliment the developers by providing your valuable feedback. Feel free to contact us at for any question or issue and we will be happy to assist you. !!!Wishing you a happy and comfortable workday!!!

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