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This app is based on a set of typing exercises that will help improve the English language reading ability of anyone, but in particular those people dealing with dyslexia or other reading issues. The software is based on over 20 years practical experience of helping people with reading challenges. In each exercise the pupil will improve their reading, typing and spelling skills whilst listening to correct word pronunciation where appropriate. At the end of each lesson, the student gets to play one of four integral games as reward for completing it. The games are specially designed to improve hand-eye coordination, visual memory, fixation and tracking and aid those with visual processing issues. On completion of each lesson colour group, the student gets to play the associated game at any time. This is the Free version of the App, the development of which is supported by integrated adverts. For the ability to remove adverts and gain access to in-app purchasing of up to twenty supplementary Workbooks, please see the Trial version of this App in Store.

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Reverse-engineering of this software is strictly forbidden, as is infringement of copyright with regard to the software and user-interface design along with all imagery and other content used in its construction. This App is free for personal use only and MUST NOT be used for, or in relation to, any academic, commercial or business purpose, whether "for profit" or "not for profit". Please refer to the Trial version, through the link provided at the end of the description of this App, for licensing terms covering academic, commercial or business use.

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