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Rocky Horror, The Fruit Machine is a retro, just for fun fruit machine complete with nudges, features and a game board and it’s a perfect way to test your luck! Happy retro gaming! Rocky Horror, The Fruit Machine can be played by touching the onscreen buttons (Or the corner game board icons, a real help for smaller screens) or by using a mouse-which covers most devices so happy retro gaming, all you need to provide is some real luck... To add coins/credits to the fruit machine simply tap or click the red coin slot (Coin slot found at the top right of the fruit machine). Each tap/click of the coin slot will add four credits to the fruit machine, then just play the fruit machine like you normally would do. The main features of Rocky Horror, The Fruit Machine include; -Trail Mystery Bonus Features-(When the trail is on number four you can select a random trail mystery bonus feature which may help you to either get a prize win or increase the trail number you are currently on, depending on the feature and most of the time they are a real help to the player. The mystery bonus features available include Random Rocket, Showskill, 3 Shot, Nudge, etc ...). -Trail Nudges, Nudge Gamble, Nudge Buster-(Trail nudges can be offered as a trail mystery bonus feature and are also offered randomly whilst playing the trail part of the fruit machine. When trail nudges are offered they are sometimes offered with a nudge gamble too and when you have trail nudges available you may use the nudge buster button to move all of the three main reels down one position at the cost of just one nudge, a real useful button indeed). -Hi-Lo Gamble-(When you get a prize win on the fruit machine or the trail number is nine or more, you will be offered an optional prize/trail hi-lo gamble. Here you can either collect your prize, gamble with a hi-lo or possibly exchange to the game board if available. If you gamble and lose, you will lose the gambled prize/trail, if you gamble and win though you will improve your prize/trail by one position/slot and if you have an exchange to game board offer, then that offer may improve too. If you are lucky and get to the top of the prize/trail board you will automatically win the trail jackpot repeater). -Exchange To Game Board-(When you get a prize win on the fruit machine or the trail number is nine or more, you may be offered an exchange to the game board. An exchange to the game board is offered when the tubes are lit in the tube slot next to the prize/trail amount you are currently on. When offered an exchange to game board amount, it will mirror the prize/trail slot you are currently on, the higher the slot, the better the game board exchange offer. The exchange offer may improve every time a hi-lo gamble is won, except on a trail jackpot repeater win). -Game Board/Tubes-(Once exchanged to the game board you can gamble and spin to try to add to or light up/activate the tubes or collect a tube if it’s active. The tubes consist of a cash tube, a grab tube, a nudge tube and a features tube which all offer different games and the higher the tube, the better. To select an active/lit up tube you can either press its corresponding button or press the corresponding corner icon on the game board. If any of the tubes reach the tube jackpot repeater slot you will automatically start the tube jackpot repeater game). There are many more features like the board mystery bonus games, tile games, tube games/features, holds, trail holds, real fun and too many to list and explain in detail. The game also has retro sound effects, all in all, a lot of real retro fun in one retro fruit machine-happy retro gaming!

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Midgeley Games

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Gary Midgeley


Midgeley Games

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