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(LARGE DOWNLOAD - check you have enough free space on your device) Version 23-July-19: With almost 30,000 destinations around the world, Wikivoyage Offline Travel Guide by Kiwix is a complete resource for travellers and tourists, or anyone interested in the locality they are visiting. This app functions completely offline, so you are not limited in your ability to consult travel information by lack of access to the Internet, or by slow and unreliable access speeds. The app is packaged with an archive containing the full text and images from the English-language edition of Wikivoyage (http://www.wikivoyage.org) from July 2019. The archive will update automatically from the Store when we release the update via this app. WARNING: the archive is 800MB, and you may need up to 2.5GB free space to download and install -- if using a phone, we recommend you install this app on your microSD card (you can change the location for download and installation of apps from Settings -> System -> Storage). You can download Wikivoyage in other languages too, if you wish (see instructions on the About page in the app). If you are interested in having offline Wikipedia, Wiki Medicine, or Wiktionary archives, please look for our sister apps "Kiwix JS" and "WikiMed" in this Store. While on the plane or train, you can consult in-depth historical information from an offline Wikipedia archive to supplement the practical information in Wikivoyage in this app, or take the foremost manual of health-related information with you. Wikivoyage and Kiwix JS are completely free and open source. The app is still in active development (Beta), so please be kind and report any issues you experience to the developer(s) so that we can improve the app. The development site for Kiwix JS is: https://github.com/kiwix/kiwix-js-windows and you can report issues there, or else use the Support contact provided with this listing.

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