Moving to Denmark
- Greater Copenhagen - there is more to our happiness

It’s a big thing moving to a foreign country to work. But you will find plenty of help in Denmark, one of the happiest countries on earth (UN’s World Happiness Report)!

Never been there? No problem – let us introduce you to some of the country’s greatest elements.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Get a sneak peak through youtuber Cameron Phillips visit during one of our favourite seasons:


A crucial word to Danish culture, “hygge” is all you talk about during your first year here.


Denmark is a welfare state with great benefits. Check out the TOP10 list:

  • A safe environment
  • Very competitively priced childcare
  • Free access to Denmark's extensive public healthcare system, available for everyone resident in Denmark
  • Free access to the education system, including a number of international schools
  • High-standards of housing
  • A unique bicycle culture
  • Efficient public transport
  • A rich cultural life
  • Many associations and clubs where you can build a network while engaging in your favourite leisure activities
  • Plenty of green recreational areas (source Copenhagen capacity)

Working in Denmark

“I love Lyngby. You can find everything here! It’s like a huge city in just 2 square meters. Lyngby really has everything.”

Kostas Kastrinogiannis, Greece, Engineering lead, Microsoft

The Microsoft main office is located in Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, close to the public transports so the whole Greater Copenhagen area is your oyster. Get to know how it is to work in Greater Copenhagen– key words are collaboration and digitalisation.

Work life balance

“Danish society is structured to provide a lot of support for families to enable both parents to purse careers while enabling access to good childcare.”

Brett Haakenson, USA, Program Manager, Microsoft

Working in Denmark also means living in Denmark a rich after-work life, whether you have family or not. You can join clubs and associations for leisure (we have great leisure clubs in Microsoft), start free Danish lessons, enjoy the many cultural activities the city offers or spend time with family and friends. Danes work effectively but also prioritize their families and off-work activities. Is it the world’s best work-life balance? Possibly.

The <3 of Scandinavia

“Describing Denmark in a few words? Family, friends, nature, healthy food and lifestyle.”

Vlad Precup, Romania, Software Engineer, Microsoft

Greater Copenhagen has excellent transport connections by metro, bus and train as well as outstanding infrastructure for cycling safely in and around the cities. Copenhagen Airport is the largest hub in Northern Europe with 150 direct international destinations, of which more than 100 are European destinations. This makes Copenhagen Airport the best connected airport in Scandinavia. So you are only a flight away.

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