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Angry Hammer is an action shooting type game in which players will become avatars of justice, enter the city, use your weapons to attack criminals in the city, let them be invisible, free in the city. The adventure, to punish all evil, you can use a variety of weapons, guns, tanks, helicopters, these weapons can help you perfectly settle those criminals and achieve higher achievements. Angry Hammer will clean up the bad guys on the city streets. He will flatten them with his gun. Get ready to play this free, addictive, amazing game and experience the intense gameplay! Angry Man Iron Head is a free superhero game, action game, arcade game, crime game, gun weapon game helicopter game, tank game, car and truck game. Come and fight against urban crime and resolve the conflicts of all gangs! Complete a variety of missions, the most powerful and powerful king of success. Super free play, new game screens, constant battles, and gang conflicts. A variety of wonderful missions and weapons, grand scenes of gun battles and explosions. game features 1. 30 wonderful tasks; 2. Controllable vehicles such as tanks, cars, helicopters and turrets; 3. A variety of weapons to choose from; 4. There are super cool explosives; 5. Achievements waiting for you to get; 6. A thrilling explosion scene. Contact Us:


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Boutique Games



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Fra 12 år



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