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Apex Legends Guide By Guide Worlds.com now Windows Store! this is not a game. Just Guide Category: ---Game Guide ***Season in Apex Legends Season 1 How to quickly level a battle pass? ---Starting tips Tips Things you should NOT do Can you create your own team? Starting Legends The best weapons Movement Shooting and ballistics Damage system Inventory Interface ---The match and rounds The best landing spots Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 and 4 ---Legends All Legends Caustic Mirage Bangalore Bloodhound Gibraltar Lifeline Pathfinder Wraith Octane ---Weapons Pistols Light machine guns Assault Rifles SMG Sniper rifles Shotguns ---Currency and Apex packs Apex packs In-game currencies Microtransactions Crafting and currency Heirloom set ---FAQ Does Apex Legends require PS Plus? How to gain new levels? How to revive players? What are the Red Balloons used for? What are the types of armor? What is a Knockdown Shield? Apex ticks in King's Canyon How to charge my special ability faster? How to remove an item in Apex Legends? How to move modifications to another weapon? How to change the fire-rate of your weapon? How to nominate someone for a Jumpmaster? How to get free skins in Apex Legends? What is the Battle Pass and how to get it? How to unlock doors? How to find Loch Ness Monstrosity? ---Annex List of trophies System requirements Controls


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