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Beskrivelse is new .io game with marvel heroes! Be prepared! Your task is to become the biggest avenegers warrior of the Deathmatch .io arena! A powerful force overwhelms the city of Avengers Fairview – you are the only hope, grab your suit of power armor and become the superhero we all need. Fight hordes of marvel avengers opponents such as spiderman , hulk , batman , captain america and other enemies in .IO arena ! Kill your opponents and collect orbs to gain experience and points! Evolve in size and skins during the battle and become the almighty giant in the arena! Slash your enemies and collect dots to get your sword longer and stronger! Keep slashing other goons to survive more and show others your skills to become the champion knight! Great fit for all lovers and player .io games like , , , , 2 , , fun , run , , , , ,, and other fantastic IO games !


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Azur Interactive Free Epic Games Ltd.



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24,6 MB


Fra 3 år

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