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Confrontation of Kings: Guarding Kingdom Wars is a multiplayer strategy war game in the world. You can make friends with players all over the world in the game. Or compete with them and feel the joy of war. The throne of the king is waiting for you, do you dare to come? Real-time language translation, competing with war game enthusiasts around the world. Defend your city, attack other players, and experience the blood of war between attack and defense. Contact Us: Facebook: Follow fanspage and contact the administrator to get the Free luxury gift packs. ****** Game Features******* ——Get started easily and quickly integrate into the game world! Players can build various buildings in the game, fast novice guidance, convenient operation experience, allowing players to integrate into the game faster and get a first-class gaming experience. ——Develop strategies, to weakly win! In the game, different arms attack modes are different, combined with different layout strategies, so that the battle situation has changed. ——Enriched play, feel the charm of game! A variety of gameplay and growth settings make for a spectacular game world. Players train a variety of arms, and the arms constitute a different formation of the combat system. ——Allies or enemies? The game focuses on the interaction between individual players and individuals. Players can plunder and attack others in the game, or resources to enhance their own strength. Social chat is also available, allowing players to make more friends during the casual game. Train your troops, attack the enemy, manage the city's resources, are you ready to join the war against thousands of troops?


Nyheder i denne version

1. Added Lucky Wheel 2. Repair the hospital can not heal the injured soldiers 3.One-button synthesis and decomposition materials 4.Optimize the difficulty and drop rewards 5.Optimize other UI issues


  • Get started easily and quickly integrate into the game world!
  • Develop strategies, to weakly win!
  • Enriched play, feel the charm of game!
  • Relaxed social, experience the fun!

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Gekko Game Company



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278,94 MB


Fra 7 år



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