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Farm Village Hay Day! Join the village family and become the top farmer. Are you crazy fans of animal and farm ? Do you want build your family farm ? Farm game for you to play every day. Prepare your farm: gather resources and open up production to bring your farm to prosperity. Craft various useful things and dozens farm craft items. Plant beautiful flowers and collect them into bright bouquets. Repair steamship and invite funny tourists to nearby cartoon city, make them happy and enjoy the gifts from them. Farm Village Day Hay is game simulator for the whole family! Start your happy day in the village and finish as an idle farmer in the town. When the town surrounds you have a unique possibility to create your paradise - village land. Pick harvest, fruits, vegetables and animals every day. Hey, do not forget to sell your agricultural products in the town. Don't wait to experience joyful farm life at Farm Village Day Hay!


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3D Ninja Blitz War Games



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61,52 MB


Fra 3 år

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