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This application should be useful for people learning Finnish. I've uploaded it because it's been really useful for me... It uses Bing Translate to load 5 common news urls in Finnish. The page displays in Finnish, with a parallel view in English. FinnGo allows you to view web pages without using your browser (allows you to have more windows open). It also allows you to navigate quickly over to some of the other pages (Bing Translate is great, but sometimes the translation from Finnish is not that great - as all Finnish learners will know, it's a very tough language to learn! So this feature allows you to pass over to another page if the first page is too hard to understand.) When the page loads, scroll down in the web window (and the Bing Translate bit will scroll off the screen). Future versions will allow configurable URLs and languages (I've included a to-do list on the help page so you can see what else I plan to do). Some keywords: suomea, finnish, Sanomalehdet, selkouutiset, Bing translate, sampo, nordea, stockmann.


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