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Find locations with nokia or google maps. Launch here drive or here transit by voice commands. Make a custom voice command by saving a place or loading your contacts. Start voice commands by exiting the app then press and hold the windows key. "Go to [name]" --in settings configure whether this opens car or transit directions "Go to [name] by car" "Go to [name] by transit" You can search by hands free via "Go to search" voice command. Contact me on twitter @quincymitch to give feedback or say thanks :) UPDATE: 1. German! Now that the app has multi-language support please contact me to suggest your language and offer to translate. Note that it must me a language that windows phone supports for speech. View your phone system's settings then select "speech" to view your 11 possibilities. 2. Disable lockscreen 3. Warning message that your GPS position is a possibly inaccurate estimate and might not even be on your current view of the map. E.g. if inaccuracy ring is larger than your view of the map. Fix to many bugs such as 4. "Go to search" now pauses music 5. Loading from contacts now potentially finds more contacts & fixed crashing bugs around it.


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Quincy Mitchell

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Quincy Mitchell



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