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Create stunning high dynamic range (HDR) photo with this simple app. HDR maker lets you stack a series of photos with different exposure settings to create a true HDR image. The app also comes with several tone mapping algorithms that converts HDR image back to SDR image. If you are wondering how the magic happens behind the screen, here is a good explanation: You can use this app to develop raw files. The HDR processing pipeline can be used to recover significant details from the image's highlight and shadow. The app also allows you to acquire images directly from the Windows device's back facing camera (limited HW compatibility) Supported image merge method : - Exposure fusion (generates SDR image directly without tonemapping) - Exposure weighted merge (genearte true HDR image, require tonemapping to compress the dynamic range for viewing and printing) Input format supported: JPG (8bpc), TIF (8bpc), TIF (16bpc) Input raw file format supported: 3FR, ARW, CR2, CRW, DNG, NEF, ORF, RAF, RW2. Output format: JPG (8bpc), TIF (8bpc), TIFF(16bpc), Radiance HDR(32bpc) Input images should alter only in exposure time, not aperture nor ISO settings. They do not have to be in equal EV steps, The images should have the exposure time in its EXIF tag in order to use the exposure weighted merger. To capture a series of images for HDR: - Set your camera to JPG(FINE) or TIFF image quality - Set your camera to bracket mode, with compensation to either 1.0EV or 2 EV per step, and 3 or 5 frames. You could go for more frames if the scene require higher dynamic range. - Set the camera's burst mode to high if available, this shortens the time need to acquire the images and reduce image alignment requirement later on - Set the camera on a tripod or a stable place, - Release the shutter to capture all images. Load all images (JPG/TIFF) into the app and select the desired merge method and tonemapping method. Once satisfied the preview result, tap generate HDR to generate the full-res picture. Adjust the light/contrast/toning and hit save. Please note that this app require a lot of system memory when merging images. For device that come with less than 3GB memory, please use no more than 3x12MP images. This app uses 'libraw' library for RAW processing. For more details please see: . The complete list of supported camera can be found:


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