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The Next Generation of real-time strategy MMO is finally here! Join the fight now on a 3D world map & become a master in the Art of Instant War. Take advantage of a unified world map, enabling you to develop your resources and attack your enemies in a glimpse. By making geography matter and allowing you to deploy armies anywhere, Instant War lets you wage war in the palm of your hand like never before. You can finally use mountains and rivers to funnel your enemies right into a trap, or to protect your base from flanking attacks. Recruit elite troops, develop cutting-edge military technologies, and clash with opponents from all around the world in this epic blend of social MMO and tactical war game. Keep your friends and foes under your thumb and rule the battleground! But remember, in Instant War there is no substitute for victory. NOTE: Instant War is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. You can switch off this option in your device's settings. A network connection is also required to play the game.


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Update 6 is live: Greater Difficulty, Greater Glory! • The General level cap has been increased and you can now fight to reach levels up to 60! • Fight against new opponents that have appeared. You can now defeat foes up to level 30 on the map. • A new Glory system has been added to unlock increasing passive bonuses by obtaining Medals of Glory! • Build an entirely new Tier 7 Tank for your battles which will be obtainable during specific Time Limited Events. • We have created a brand new official Instant War Discord server for all the community to gather, chat, and exchange. On it, you can also give your feedback and suggestions on Instant War which the devs will be looking into and discuss with all of you!


  • Building, fighting: everything happens on a unified world map.
  • From Privates to War Machines: Train elite troops and vehicles to crush your opponents
  • Engage in massive real-time battles: sync up with your alliance to strike at full strength!
  • Master the battlefield: Use 3D terrain at your advantage to ambush your opponents where and when they don’t expect you.
  • Enjoy stunning 3D graphics with fully animated characters, high resolution terrain, dynamic lighting and beautiful VFXs.
  • Managing your armies and alliance is a breeze with our intuitive interface!
  • Progress with solo PvE missions and prove your might in intense PvP events
  • Conquer the world with your alliance by claiming hard-won territories and elite resources.

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