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"Make-Up Girls" are finally here, and they need your sense of style and fashion to get the perfect look. Why raid your mommy's dresser to experiment with makeup you might not even like? Try it out first on 4 beautiful models with this unique make-up app! Spend hours of fun and fashion with over 400 million different looks. Use your creative talents to apply the models' make up using beauty products and accessories in this easy to use touch-based application. Just click anywhere on the model's face and the relevant menu will instantly appear, allowing you to adjust makeup or accessory type and color. You can also take a picture of your make-up design. Features: * Endless variations and looks * Experiment with dozens of different lipsticks, earrings, eye-shadow, hair color and much more. * Easily adjust color shades. * Connect to your own music library and listen to your favorite tunes while preparing your model for an evening date or a club party. Now you don't have to wait till Mommy's out to have Make Up Girl fun! - v1.2 * Now supporting low memory devices - v1.3 * Added unique and gorgeous Make-Up items and accessories. * Minor bug fixes.


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