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Pirate Card is a fun card game. In this rogue card game, you play as a brave pirate captain and explore a distant island full of dangers and treasures. The rules are simple: you can move one step to the right, left, up or down on the board until your life points are exhausted. In order to survive as long as possible, you need the right strategy and plan your actions. Shoot cannons, drink longevity pills, collect shields and coins, and be careful when you break the bucket, as it may contain useful and annoying surprises. Upgrade your hero by opening the mini game and defeat BOSS and open the treasure chest. Unlock new characters and buy boosters before each round, which gives you a decisive advantage! Game features: - Burning brain game  This game seems simple, but it contains a variety of strategic steps combined with a variety of props, among which there are many combinations of skills between the props, players need to constantly try, slowly explore the unlock role. - multiple heroes In the game, there are multiple heroes that can be unlocked by the game gold coins. Different characters have different special skills, which can effectively help the player to achieve better scores in the game and get more coins. - strong buff Before the game starts, players can use the gold coins to buy a variety of buffs. These can be used to get different gain buffs in the whole game. Come and experience the rich props in the game, there will be different props and treasure chests randomly. Hidden props appear when you open the treasure chest. Not necessarily hidden items are gain effects. - role upgrade In the game, the player can improve his blood by killing the boss level boss. The higher the blood volume, the better the score.


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Rain Studios



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Fra 7 år



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