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Spider Avengers is new awesome marvel game! Spider Man is doing great at movie screens around the world right now, but if you haven’t had enough, you can play this new spider man and marvel game. The Spider Man franchise doesn’t only provide material for some cool movies,but it also provides game designers with great source material. The new movie: Spiderman Far away home is a great example. Get in a fight with the powerful Mysterio and try to beat him. Save the city Spiderman! You will yet again be fighting against Mysterio. He released a dangerous gas over New York city, with the gas having hallucinogenic effects on the population of the city. He thus created total chaos and you’re the only one who can put a stop to this. Start your new adventure where you’ll be helping Spider Man clean the city from many different bad guys. This is the only chance that many innocent people had, so come and save them all!


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Hero Craft PvP Games Ltd.



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28,21 MB


Fra 3 år

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