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*** New swipe action based addictive puzzle game! First of its kind for Windows Phone *** Very Addictive swipe action game with five interesting game modes!!! Swipe and make longest chains of similar gems in this challenging puzzle game with exciting special powers. --------------------------- *** Game Facts *** - Swiped is a very simple to learn swipe action based game for all touch screen mobile devices. - Each level is progressively challenging and very addictive. - Challenge your skills in 5 game modes with unlimited levels. - Excite Magician & Witch by swiping over them along with similar gem chains. - Compete with thousands of players around the world. --------------------------- *** Game Play *** - Touch and swipe over similar gems to clear them. - In each swipe action, Longer the chain of gems, higher the score you will get. - Use special powers like Magician & Witch to get more points. - Play with strategy to form and swipe longer chains. Swiped Game modes : * CLASSIC : Achieve the target in given time to complete each level. * GEM MANIA : Swipe the target no of displayed gems . * TIMEATTACK : Tests your raw pattern swiping speed in 1 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min & 30 Min. * SCORE PANIC : Very dynamic fast paced game. * CONTINUOUS : Non stop gem swiping fun. --------------------------- *** Features *** - Awesome graphics with fluid animations. - Auto saving & loading supported for all game modes. - Plain Mode option to switch off special items. - All game modes have individual player ranking system based on the highest level/Score achieved. - Your rank naturally improves along with your skill as you play again and again, thats what makes Swiped so addictive. - Unlimited levels! It needs only your skill to crack a new level. Complexity of the game increases progressively from level to level.


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iGold Technologies Private Limited

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iGold Technologies Private Limited



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