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In a world where the need for human connection has never been greater, SynergyXR is harnessing the power of XR to help people discover new ways to connect, collaborate and learn. ​​Whether you need to bring your global team together for daily meetings, or need to review the design for a piece of heavy machinery, SynergyXR has you covered. Through SynergyXR - Manager you can upload new 3D models, PDF files, images and videos to your private enterprise-ready SynergyXR Workspace hosted on Azure. Add tags to your stored content enabling multi-dimensional searches in other SynergyXR applications. Add product descriptions and links to your product webpage to each 3D product through the Synergy Manager, to be displayed instantly within other SynergyXR applications, to provide product information to customers and drive traffic to your webpage. Organize, manage and upload new content through SynergyXR - Manager – your one-stop tool for managing SynergyXR content for all associated SynergyXR applications.


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SynergyXR ApS



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