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The Crew 2 Guide by GuideWorlds.com now Windows Store! This is not a game. Just Guide. Category: ---Game Guide ***FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Why cant I win the race in The Crew 2? What vehicles can I get for free? How to reset the vehicle/race? Fans, parts and bucks grind guide How to get Crew Credits (CC)? How to unlock duels with champions? Can I sell vehicles in The Crew 2? Can I change the difficulty level? Where to find loot ---Career mode The career beginning and reaching fame levels Completing Live Xtrem Series' stages Defeating the champions from the 4 families Winning The Grand Finale Icon levels ---Vehicles The list of all vehicles in The Crew 2 The list of vehicles in SR category The list of DF, DR and HC vehicles The list of in RR, MX and RX vehicles The list of PB, TC, AR and AGP vehicle The list of AB, JS and MT vehicles The best vehicles in The Crew 2 ---Trophies & Achievements List of Trophies Ubisoft Club challenges Leap of Faith, No Straw I Must Break You Drift Like a Tester Coast to Coast Ride the Jewels Easy Rider ---Photo Ops General information about the photo ops Album - Street Racing Album - Off-Road Album - Freestyle Album - Pro Racing ---Appendix Controls Controls settings Hardware requirements


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