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Ultimate Knight: For Honor is a 3D ARPG of magic theme game, simple operation, cool skills, large equipment system, a variety of skills, original real-time team adventure, field rogue PK and other synchronous interactive content, together with stable and smooth cross Service mechanism to create MMO-style combat interactive experience. Into the full sense of the main story, rich and varied gameplay, alliance hegemony, full service battle, compete for the strongest king! The combination of Chinese and Western game styles, strong heroic colors, defeated Titan to be a world hero, has a very strong playability. Fashion hairstyles, massive mixes, amazing shapes, civilians can show off their style, come on,download it! Contact Us: Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/PocketKnights2Windows10/ Game Features: - Core Battle Heroes dual operation experience, firearms, great swords switch, multiple heroes will kill the association, combat real-time support - New Style Variety of transvestites, hair styles, face styles, fashion outfits for you to create a personalized image - Real-time Interaction Real-time competitive PK, field PVP battle, fierce battle copy BOSS, team Boss snatch battle, guild resources battle - New benefits Sign up to send gifts, activities continue! Daily mainline mission is waiting for you to come - New Social Friends interactive collaboration campaign, world voice chat - New Story Combine heroes of Chinese and Western stories, let's fight with heroes.


Nyheder i denne version

1.Change King's Path into Season Type. 2.Adjust Assist System 3.New Team Challenge-Hero Gate 4.Add two new parts for Hero Gear 5.2nd Anniversary Content: New City Backgroud、New Mount (Evil Horse)、New Wing (Ghost's Wing)、New Fashion (Ghost Set)


  • Hero team,super damage
  • Assistance system,real-time battlefield support
  • Upgrade equipment , strongest equipment
  • Real-time interaction challenge cross-server players
  • Multi-task gains the most benefits

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Cindy Happy



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391,4 MB


Fra 3 år



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