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Workout Scheduler is one of the highest rated fitness apps available on Windows Phone app store and now comes with Windows Phone 8 features. The app lists out thousands of workouts along with step-by-step instructions. Many graphic images and tips are provided for better understanding of moves. When doing work out, you must consider your body type and the specific body area from which you want to lose weight. You can choose an exercise that suits your body type. With the help of this app, you can easily get in good shape by losing weight or by gaining muscles. You can even share the workouts that you follow with your Facebook friends. Get this great app from Windows Phone store for free and start working out to fulfill your dream.  ★ Live Tiles: Get LIVE tile notification for "Today's routine" and "Exercise of the day". ★ Lock Screen Notification: Let notification of your routines on lock screen. ★ Easy and calendar like interface to search for routine and logs on any day. ★ Quick add of workouts to your schedule by setting alarm within the app. ★ Maintain and track your body profile including BMI. ★ Latest news on fitness and health. ★ In App Purchase: 1. Remove Ads: It will remove all advertisement from app. 2. Routine + Logs Tracker Plus: Unlock routine, logs and remove all ads. 3. Routine + Logs Tracker: Unlock Routine and Logs. Fulfill your dream of getting into shape with the help of Workout Scheduler!


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Mango Technologies Private Limited

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Mango Technologies Private Limited



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19,01 MB


Fra 3 år


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